Top Ten Immigration Resolutions for 2012

10. Photo Identification laws about to be strictly enforced beginning in 2012 in eight states requiring official photo identification to vote must be declared unconstitutional. This is another anti-immigrant strategy which will also make voting more difficult for low income folks, seniors and other disenfranchised constituencies. The eight states are Tennessee, Kansas, Wisconsin, Texas, Indiana, Mississippi, Georgia and South Carolina.

9. In 2011, some 1,607 immigration bills came before state legislatures across the country. Hopefully, no more anti-immigrant laws will be passed in 2012.

8. We’ve heard some Republican candidates for President of the United States use immigrants as a ‘scapegoat’ for a weak economy and no jobs. Electrified borders, massive roundups of undocumented people, punishing employers who give undocumented people jobs are just some of the policies being discussed. In 2012, Republican candidates for President realize the important contributions of immigrant communities across the country.

7. Unless you are Native American, we are all immigrants! May this understanding be the common bond bringing us together in 2012.

6. African-Americans whose ancestors were brought here as slaves should have a special understanding and support for immigrants. Instead, the system attempts to divide people, create tension and conflict. In 2012, the oppressed and discriminated will realize their important alliance.

5. Economic revitalization and new jobs are in part dependent on healthy immigrant communities. Let us all understand this more clearly in 2012.

4. People have always made great journeys to come to this country where they believed a better life awaited them. In 2012, let’s remember the important words on our Statue of Liberty and make sure they still ring true…”Give me your tired, your poor. Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

3. There is a federal program where if you have enough money and invest in a project creating jobs, you and your family will automatically receive green cards. In 2012, let’s make our democratic values more important than the money when it comes to building community.

2. Our federal government, the President and Congress have been unwilling to develop immigration policy with compassion and wisdom. In 2012, may the federal government realize that a compassionate immigration policy is the true road toward the higher ideal of democracy!

1. America is the belief in the potential of each person. Remember this in 2012! Happy New Year!

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