Money Molesters

Super pacs raising and spending unlimited amounts of money with no accountability to support candidates running for public office – money molesters!

Wall Street bailed out with public funds – money molesters!

Corporations laying people off and the value of their stock soaring – money molesters!

Banks share of corporate profits going from 16% to 41% in less than ten years – money molesters!

The income gap continuing to widen in the United States! Certain politicians in defending American style capitalism accuse others of creating class warfare – money molesters!

Child and adult molestation were often the lead news stories in 2011 with cases ranging from legendary sports figures to politicians to Catholic priests. The definition of molestation “is the forcing of undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another.” The offender is often referred to as a molester.

But, there is a new definition of molester. An individual or a corporation or an organization that forces undesired financial conditions on a person or population.

A woman walks into a bank with $100 left in her account and the bank explains why they have charged her a fee of $20. The account fell below $500, she is told. The bank explains that if you have less money, we take a greater percentage – money molesters!

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