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Violence or ordinary acts of kindness. Our choice.

Mass killings in Aurora, Colorado. Over 200 homicides in Philadelphia just since the beginning of this year! Assaults and rapes that plague our communities. The murder of Trayvon Martin in the name of self-defense. America often chooses violence as the … Continue reading

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Sisters, the real Body of Christ

Thousands of Sisters (Nuns) across the United States and throughout the world work with┬áthe poor and oppressed every day in service and leadership living out the best teachings of the┬áRoman Catholic Church. They fight for justice, educate children living in … Continue reading

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A Camden hero She sat in her wheelchair stricken with a stroke. Her right side paralyzed and her voice slurred. But, the fire in her spirit was alive and well, a testimony to her faith and belief in justice. I … Continue reading

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