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Hospitals can be dangerous to your health: Hot sauce is the best remedy

If you want to survive the food in a hospital, especially if you are a cardiac and diabetic patient, you must bring a good hot sauce from home. I did and it gave me flavor where there was only bland … Continue reading

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Wildcat Villages

They dot the landscape in contrast with the western style, Manila skyline.  These communities often sit at the base of new condominiums, markets and other public structures. Wildcat villages as they are referred to are places where families live in extreme … Continue reading

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Love, Corruption and the World Economy in the Philippines

Some five years ago, the Philippines had most of the rice it needed to feed its people.  Then the government did not use money allocated for farm loans but used it to line the pockets of officials. The production of … Continue reading

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Manila to Tagaytay – An adventure in the Philippines

The kindness and the physical poverty of the Filipino people and the beauty of the country have dominated my first impressions.  People have been so helpful and friendly despite their limited resources and political oppression,  more about this later. Metro Manila, the … Continue reading

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The world is very big and very small at the same time…

Flying over China, some 12 hours into my flight to Seoul, South Korea the stewardess comes around selling duty free items. The adventure has already been stimulating and amazing beyond belief. Western culture permeates everything from the barbie doll figures … Continue reading

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